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Dear ladies & gentlemens,

to go straight to the topic itself and not waste extra time, I will publish a quote Prof. Klaus Schwab:

"Many people ask, 'When can we finally get back to normal life?' In brief: "Never!" "

                   What we have, the current situation
Covid-19 confirms the transition from a globalist to an ultra-globalist form of governance, that is, the transition of access (infromation and access) to economic values.

Difficult (lockdown) times do not prevent the implementation of the PayNur project.

Due to several unscrupulous business intermediaries, the PayNur project was not an investment by 2021.

                   Roadmap for investment

1. NDA (non disclosure agreement) from the product owner side PayNur.
2. On the part of the donor (investor) as needed to assess the project (risks), on the part of a third audit company - for example KPMG.
3. Contract with the donor.
4. Implementation of the PayNur project.


List of documents of the PayNur project:
1. PayNur presentation (pps and audio)
2. Business plan PayNur
3. Marketing plan and sales plan attached to the business plan
4. Purchasing, Stage A
5. Purchasing, Stage B
6. Gantt tables Management and Large-Scale Scrum for PayNur project, Stage A and B (MS Project)
7. Technical task (marketing) - Terms of reference for the creation in stage A of a strategic marketing plan and sales plan
8. Technical side and technical task
9. Other documentation

From now on, all news will be published on the website:

Kind Regards, Mr. Davit Mehrabyan product owner of PayNur

PayNur presentation audio (eng)
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